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Visiting Phan Thiet, you must come to Bau Trang

Visiting Phan Thiet, you must come to Bau Trang

Bau Trang (or White Sand Dune) is a famous landscape of Mui Ne. It is extremely great for your honeymoon in Vietnam. Bau Trang is located in the vast sand dunes, this looks like a smooth white sand picture. When the tourists climb up the high sand dunes, they will be surprised to see a sparkling silver lake under sunlight, and that the pink lotus petal hide behind the green leaves creates a romantic natural landscapes.
Bau Trang (White Sand Dune) is in Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district, and far from Phan Thiet about 65 km to the north. There are two road routes for tourists to go to this place: from Hon Rom you can take Jeep, go following the road to Mui Ne, passing Mui Ne market, Hong hill, then continue along the beach. The Jeep runs about one hour to go from Mui Ne into Bau Trang; or you go from Phan Thiet city on Highway 1A to Luong Son, turn right at the crossroad about 18 km, cross the up and down hill, go through the cliffs, the green coconut forest on the romantic white sand dunes, then you will arrive in.
The Highway to White Sand Dune in Mui Ne.
Bau Trang was created many years ago, and before that this place had been a large lake. Later people dam up crossing. Since that the lake has been divided into two parts: small lake and big lake
You know, the “Bau” word has meaning as lake in the local language, therefore residents here have called the small lake as “Bau Ong” and the big lake as “Bau Ba” for a long time. Bau Ba is larger than Bau Ong and it can contain the more amount of water than Bau Ong. Bau Ba has an area of 70ha, the widest area is 500m, the average depth is 5m, and the deepest of Bau Ba is 19m in the rainy season, as far as the shore, the water gradually depleted.
Next to "Bau Trang" is a lake
The Bau Trang name appears because Bau Ba is lying on the white sand background; and nowadays, it is also called Bau Sen because in the lotus season, lotus covers all of the lake. The biology in Bau Sen is very sufficient, there are many kinds of freshwater fish: anabas, catfish, black carp...
Because of being surrounded by white sand, the sunlight, and wind of the nature, the lake looks more beautiful and wonderful. Standing on the sand hill, you see down into the calm lake in the lotus as the light pink lotus mirror. In the distance, the sand hills next to each other are up and down, making tourists surprise and admire.
Let's rent a vehicle to explore the White Sand Dune by yourself.
Bau Trang is also very pristine and simple. But it is the wild and rustic features with the white sand, the waves of the sea as the magic to attract people in Vietnam family holidays, who love the beauty of the place to find inspiration for art.
Visiting Bau Trang, the tourists also can rent a boat of the local fisherman to themselves explore, go playing, go fishing, this is very exciting. Especially, the water of Bau Trang which is cool sweet all the year makes the hot air of vast sand hill area cooler, creating a romantic scene which attracts anyone coming here.

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