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Are you ready to wander in the Phuket Old Town

Are you ready to wander in the Phuket Old Town

The reasons for people coming to the quiet old town of Phuket are sipping a milk tea while listening to jazz music in a street coffee shop, bargain to buy batik flowers in a Malay shop, try the traditional cuisine of Fujian, China for less than 3 dollars, and finally admire the century year old building.
Almost tourists coming here with the main gold of the turquoise blue beaches. In addition, Phuket also has a hidden old town with old villas and the unique culture. When visiting this town, people will get the special feeling in peaceful and quiet atmosphere and experience the featured culture.
Tuk-tuk is preferred as a means of transport in the old town by almost visitors. However it is not a good idea, because you can miss the opportunity to explore this place thoroughly. According to the people who had experience, the best way to explore this town is walking.
Tuk Tuk is a popular vehicle in Phuket, Thailand.
Prepare a Phuket Town Treasure map that is available at the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) on Thalang Road and begin your journey. The old town is in about 2km length with 6 roads and 2 alleys, and it takes you about half a day to walk all around the town. Though walking makes you quite tired, you will get chance to see exciting things on your own eyes such as shops with colorful Chin - Bo designed with sophisticated windows and cool balconies, it is so picturesque or night scenes with bright red Chinese lanterns illuminating the whole neighborhood.

Looking at the past

Along the old town, there are many palaces and houses with long history still existing up to today. The most famous one in all is Baan Chinpracha. This is a Chinese styled villas built in 1903, the only one in Phuket is open to welcome tourists. Its campus inside is very large, outstanding with many Thailand characteristics such as the backyard garden planted with plants and flowers.
Another destination visitors also should come to is Phuket Laguna. This luxury resort used to be a tin mine. In spite of being rebuilt, it still remains the remnants of a golden age of mineral mining on the island which people can easily feel.
If you want to go back with the old memories and a bit of dust, you should visit the Thavorn Hotel on Rasada Road, built in the 1960s. With just 30 baht (about $ 1), visitors can visit the hotel's museums, as well as the most striking feature here - the ancient elevator.
A colorful Phuket Old Town with the house in the ancient architectures.

The shops in the old town

Beside the old mansion, the shops with special architecture are also the outstanding feature in old town Phuket. China- Portuguese buildings are considered as symbols here, combined with subtle windows and colorful fences, this makes visitors feel like being lost in another period.
And on the Thalang road and Dibuk road, tourists will see many galleries, antique shops, bakeries, restaurants, fabric stores, guest houses and even family-run shops for generations as Guan Choon Tong Fragrance Store.
Phuket Night Market

A diverse cultural heritage

The ancient in Phuket hides many precious treasures such as the Serene Light Temple located on Phangna Road. Though it is not advertised much, it is one of places visitors should come to. Visitors can come to ask for tattoos and destiny guessing.
If you pay a visit to Phuket in October, you should spend your time coming to Jui Tui temple where the Vegetarian Festival takes place with the performance of going on hot charcoal of the "warriors" wear traditional costumes. The festival occurs in 9 days with hundreds of vegetarian food stalls, drum performances and even fireworks.

The basic things you have to know before visiting the old town.

1. The transport to the Old town and vice versa: Take a bus from the airport to the ancient town (about 100 bath). After the tour, visitors can continue to catch songthaew (an open bus) or tuk-tuk from Ranong Road to any beach.
Phuket beach is a real paradise.
2. Eating, some ideas for you
  • Visiting Phuket, tourists can savor the food of many countries such as Malaysia, Arabs, Europe, India ... Do not forget to taste the delicious jeen jeen - a traditional specialty of Fujian, moo hong (stewed pork) or spicy Malaysian specialties.
  • It is so great for you to choose Trendy Kopi de Phuket. Come and enjoy the mango shake.
  • If you are interested in Western dishes, La Romantica Italian restaurant is certainly the ideal destination for you.
  • The place for you to enjoy delicious bread and coffee with delicious coffee is Siam Bakery on Yaowarat Road
  • China Inn Cafe on Thalang Road is also a worthy visiting address.
  • In addition, you should do not ignore the streets eating stalls which will give you the chance to enjoy the local specialties.
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